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A man's soul is worth fighting for

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One does not have to be a combat soldier, firefighter, law enforcement, or medical professional, member of a rescue squad, or visiting a refugee camp to encounter trauma. Trauma happens to all of us, our friends, family, and neighbors. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that a parent beats one in four to the point of a mark being left on the body, and one in three couples engages in physical violence. In addition, a quarter of us grew up with an alcoholic relative, and one in eight witnessed their mother being beaten.  

But traumatic experiences leave traces, whether on a large scale or close to home. Shame and guilt set in, and we create secrets that divide and isolate us from others. These traces leave soul wounds, rob us of our capacity to experience joy and intimacy, and affect our biology and immune system. Trauma, by definition, is unbearable and intolerable.


This is the reason we formed our faith-based organization which is a recognized  501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization (EIN-82-1766179) that operates in the National Capital Region (NCR).


Our Purpose

It is one thing to process the memories of the trauma, but it is an entirely different matter to confront the void-soul wounds in our soul that results from not having wanted, not being seen, and not being allowed to speak the truth. We understand that it is impossible to act alone in a healing journey. We understand this because we have been there and know the path to travel. Therefore we serve as a compass for those trauma survivors (Veterans, 1st Responders, Medical Professionals, and Family; CAREGIVERS) battling invisible wounds. As a compass, we offer Confidence and Direction for those navigating through the traumatic minefields of life toward a path that will lead them to a fulfilling life.


We will CONNECT with trauma survivors (Veterans, 1st Responders, and their families) battling invisible wounds.

We will EQUIP AND TRAIN them to ensure they can find hope and reach the path leading them to their full potential.

 We are positioned to REVERSE THE CRISIS of alcoholism, substance abuse, dangerous behavior, domestic violence, divorce, homelessness, and suicide.

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Our Operations Plan

Powerful, Meaningful, and Impactful


In our journey to find healing from our soul wounds, whether intergenerational or experienced, we often suffer alone. We do not want others to know of our experiences out of shame and guilt. We fear that we will be judged and discarded if found out.  

We understand that. So we partnered with the folks at We have rebranded their course for our operations but it is the course material known as Trauma Reboot.  The twelve-week course is facilitated either in a face-to-face setting with a served meal or virtually. Our attendees are identified through professional referrals, personal connections, and trauma support groups.  

Three important principles of this course


2. Community First

3. Faith-based (not affiliated with any denomination)

  Our next class is forming now-Join Us by clicking the REBOOT RECOVERY button.

Our next scheduled Trauma Reboot Course (co-ed DC) is Virtually-3/20 at 7 pm.
1. We will be offering a weekend retreat
2. A day and half workshop
3. 12-week community course

Man with Amputee Lifting Weight

This is Me...

There is a song from the Greatest Showman called "This Is Me." The song is a proclamation of being free to accept oneself despite the judgment of the outside world.  

Trauma survivors tend to lose their identity to the shame and guilt prevalent with exposure to trauma, be it either an intergenerational trauma or one experienced, or both. We want you to experience the resurgence of who you are. We invite you to experience rebirth to who you are and your purpose, Don't let the shame and guilt lie to you anymore. Join us on our pilgrimage-THIS IS ME.   

This Is Me is an opportunity to experience spiritual freedom. Join Us  

Soldier and Family Reunion

through our scars

 a series of Summits that address vital issues that

assist the Trauma Survivors on their healing journey

Summit 2023

(follow us for more info)



Mental Health-

PTSD, Complex-PTSD,

Inter-generational Trauma

Substance/Alcohol Abuse

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Collaborative & Innovative

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Creating Genuine Communities

 Homelessness begins in the mind, with the feeling of not belonging.  You are disconnected from the world because in your mind you have no value. As a result, Homeless Veterans lose contact with family and friends, they isolate themselves from their communities. They have experienced abandonment, betrayal, and rejection.  They no longer trust, they no longer belong.  Warriors Heart USA is invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need when they need it. We cannot do this without your help. We need your help to make this a reality.

Image by Abdul Rahman Dabbour

Memorial Park

Honoring those that gave their all

He sat in a park, alone and in emotional pain. His family has rejected him, he misses his children,  and he feels he is going nowhere in life. His pain is overwhelming, and he wants to stop. He has decided to end the pain.

This story is not uncommon as our nation silently experiences hundreds of deaths of our nation's Heroes due to invisible wounds (soul wounds).

Unfortunately, those who cross the bridge into eternity due to their soul wounds are disgraced and ignored in their death, and the family is ostracized. How they lived their lives is ignored. Warriors Heart USA has set a goal to create a place where the memories of the fallen heroes are honored and the families respected. At the same time, the public can sit in a peaceful environment and enjoy their surroundings. Through our efforts, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key focus areas here at WarriorsHeartUSA and a source of much success for our Organization. We need your help to make this a reality. Contact us to learn how you can make a difference.

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Power2Change Academy

 You cannot achieve a dream if you do not own it.

Have you ever been so ashamed of something you've done or experienced that you hid it from everyone? Actions such as that can stymie you from experiencing growth. Rather than work to experience a fulfilling life, you use your energy to protect your secrets. You can change the course of the lies that shame and guilt feed you. You have the power to grow and achieve a fulfilling life. Power2Change Academy gives you Confidence and Direction through the encouragement and guidance from our Certified Coaches. We have been on that path you are traveling. We understand the anxiety you are feeling. We encourage you to visit You can become part of a team focused on achieving a fulfilling life. What are you waiting for?

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