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What We Do!

Trauma will rip you off of your ability to experience joy and intimacy. When an individual tries to navigate the traumatic minefields of life alone, there is a disaster. So we decided in 2014 that there needed to be a place where one could feel safe to learn how to regain control of their life without being judged or isolated. That is why we decided to create Since our inception, we have been working day and night to achieve our primary mission:

  1. To Connect with Trauma Survivors,

  2. Equip and train them with skills and resources so we can

  3. Reverse The Crisis of alcohol, substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce, hunger and homelessness, and suicide.


We can reach these goals through the integrated efforts of those committed to joining us in offering us their Time, Talent, and Treasure. Want to find out how to get involved? A man's soul is worth fighting for!



When we experience trauma, the way we see ourselves changes. We used to see ourselves as strong and confident. However, the experience makes us afraid, confused, powerless, and helpless. We live in a shallow ditch in our lives. Trauma offers us nothing but lies about who we are. Are you TIRED of living in that world? Don't you think it is time to heal? We have partnered with We offer their curriculum in a manner that will provide you with insight. We explain what trauma is and how it impacts you. But the great news is that we offer you resources and skills that will put you back on the path that leads to a fulfilling life.

We have designed a day-and-a-half workshop or a Weekend Retreat format using their material and the traditional 12-week community-building course format. So join us and get on that path to healing.


This Is Me

Trauma survivors are many times left with the questions of:

1. What was the first time I believed the lies that trauma told me about myself?

2. What experience or event caused me to feel negative about myself?

3. How long have I believed this lie?

4. Why did this impact me so deeply?

Do you want to break the cycle of lies and find your true identity again?  Do you want to understand your purpose?

This Is Me is a spiritual pilgrimage where you understand your journey; why did these things happen to me?  What was the purpose?

Healing is a journey, and it begins with understanding This Is Me!

A Discipleship Journey

When you complete the course with Reboot Recovery, you are left with What is next? When you start your spiritual healing process, we believe you need the tools to be strong in your spiritual walk.

Growing Disciples Who Reflect and Reproduce the Character, Ways, and Mission of Jesus

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, He commissioned His disciples, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Mat. 28:18–20). Jesus’ primary way to develop mature and healthy disciples and multiply His Church is disciple-making. However, many confuse discipleship with evangelism or think it is a Bible study or a class to attend.

Jesus calls us all to something more.

We are to reproduce the character, ways, and mission of Jesus in those He brings around us while guiding them to do the same for others. Covering a dozen key discipleship themes, A Discipleship Journey is geared toward those hungry to grow as a disciple of Jesus and those who desire to become an effective and fruitful disciple-maker for Jesus. It is scripturally sound, aims at real-life application, and is the perfect tool for disciple-making groups of all sizes.

We offer this course both online and in person. It is shown one time a year and requires a commitment to participate. However, it is free other than the cost of the book.

Forest Road


Building Bridges of Hope
through our scars

Trauma survivors are on a journey to find the path that leads to a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, the trip will lead them to troubled waters, and they must see that bridge that will take them over the troubles. Often, others have been on that path before; that is the best guide. Together they link their scars that build Bridges of Hope.

In 2023 we will be offering a series of Summits to address the trouble waters many Trauma Survivors face. These summits are created to provide information on how an individual and a community can impact the change and REVERSE the crisis.

Join us as we build Bridges of Hope through our scars.




Mental Health/Substance/Alcohol Abuse-PTSD/C-PTSD

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